Others are Finding Success Online, Who Never Thought They Could, It’s your turn!


Is there some “secret” formula to success, a process that will allow you to move past your fears to find success? I believe there is a process, but it isn’t a secret, success is not easy, it requires hard work and a plan.

  • Start with the end in mind: If you do not know what you specifically want, how do you know if you are successful? Most people do not get into their car or go to the airport without an idea where they are going. Knowing where you want to go will help you get from here to there.
  • Are you trading time for money? Most of us are familiar with this and that if you are not working you are not making money. Most entrepreneurs become burnt out because they just cannot find the success that they desire because there just aren’t enough hours in a day.
  • Do you have a “Plan B”? Often people will choose network marketing as their Plan B, the concept is sound, but in the beginning you are still trading your time for money until you have a large organization that works even if you don’t. Sounds good, but I have been there, done that and well it didn’t work for me!
  • Build it and they will come? The internet is plagued with “the next BIG thing,” but after trying one “big thing” after another I found myself wondering if success is for those “other guys.”

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To Your Success,

Dianna Sandora