Dianna Sandora hails from Ohio. As a teenager, in the spring of 1987, she traded Buckeyes for Flamingos when she moved to Southwestern Florida.

She often says, “I was northern, by accident, but I’m southern by choice.”

Dianna grew up listening to both her grandfather and her mother share stories. Her mother encouraged her to pursue her creativity and writing soon became a passion for her. It wasn’t until 2013 that she decided to go all-in by adding a creative writing minor to her Bachelor of Communication degree. When she graduated, she decided to pursue her Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.

Dianna writes Christian focused feature films, television shows, and games. She has an extensive background in Human Psychology, communication, writing structure, Biblical studies, and Police procedures. She uses this knowledge to create intricate stories and to provide a comprehensive analysis to fellow writers.

Dianna serves as the director of the Fort Myers chapter of The Hollywood Prayer Network.

Dianna’s passions include learning the tools of her trade, writing the stories of new characters, and enjoying those written by fellow artists.